Ensure that all of the tiles which have been delivered are the correct type, and quantity.
Errors can occur and it is easier to resolve problems before fixing commences.

Eternity Tile + Bath + Home, may provide an estimate of the quantities you require.
However, the final responsibility rests with the purchaser to confirm quantities which should always
include allowances for wastage, cutting and spare tiles.
If the laying pattern is complex or the tiles are difficult to cut, the percentage allowed for wastage should
be increased.

Instruct your tiler to look for possible defective products, which have small but visible defects.
Unfortunately, it is possible that a small number of tiles may be affected. In most instances, these
products can be used for cutting.
Defective tiles should not be installed under any circumstances.
Once the tile fixer commences the job he has accepted (on the client’s behalf) the quality of the product.
The tile fixer should be instructed (in writing if necessary), to cease work if defective products are
discovered and to immediately contact the client who should in turn immediately contact Eternity Tile +
Bath + Home. Work should not proceed in that particular area until the problem is resolved.

Shade variation is an inherent feature associated with tile production.
It is end user or tiler’s responsibility to check the markings on all boxes before installation proceeds. If shade numbers are not checked properly, two batches may be installed in the same area. There is always a possibility that neither of these batches would be available if required.
Consequently, the cost of remedying this error could be substantial and time consuming.
All shade and calibre markings must be checked prior to commencement.

Choose tiles from several boxes and mix them during the installation
process to ensure blending.

Once tiles have been laid, ensure they are cleaned properly and protected from damage by other tradespersons to handover to the owner.
Eternity Tile + Bath + Home, will only warrant and be limited to replacement with a comparable product, any products which fails to meet Australian Standards.
It is Eternity Tile + Bath + Home’s policy not to accept any claims for reimbursement, replacement or repair after the tiles have been laid, if that claim relates to tile defects such as: size, shade and finish variation, or any fault which should have been checked prior to these tiles being installed.
It is industry expectation that the tiler, builder or homeowner is responsible for checking these tiles
before laying them. Any concern or noticeable fault should be reported at the earliest possible
opportunity, and no installation should be commenced.

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